Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the agents that will attend APAC Live?

Look at our network of agents, these are the top agencies in the world. Some of them will attend our event but we can give you a specific list as it gets closer to the event.



Do you have to pay to go to the audition?

No. The audition is free. You simply just come and audition and if you are selected, you will be assigned to a director and the director will give you a schedule when to start training for the APAC Live event.



Do you have to pay for the training?

Yes. There is a cost associated with performing at the event. It’s like anything else, ballet lessons, basketball lessons or piano lessons, you will have to pay a fee to attend APAC Live, but we feel it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to perform in front of these VIP professionals.



Are acting, modeling, singing and dancing the only categories?

Yes, for modeling - categories are swimsuit, runway, photography and spokes modeling. For acting - categories are tv commercial, Scene read, cold read and Improv. For singing - solo, duo or group performance. For dancing - solo, duo or group performance



Can I perform in all the categories?

Yes. You can perform in whatever categories you want to.



What are Callbacks?

Callbacks are when the agents are interested in you after seeing your performance and they call you back to talk about potential representation or more development or signing a contract with their agency.



Can I win awards at APAC?

Yes. The top talent in each of the categories will receive an award.